Kit French Open 21


A complete kit with exclusive Roland Garros design specially designed for junior players.

Babolat has developed two kits for young players in Roland Garros 2017 colors. Each kit has an aluminum frame for a lightweight but solid racket, 3 balls appropriate to the child's level and a protective case. There are 2 versions available according to the child's height: 125-140cm: Kit French Open 25 (635mm racket + 3 orange balls) 100-110cm: Kit French Open 21 (535mm racket + 3 red felt balls)


UK 000
US 000


Download stringing instructions
Material- weight190 g / 6.7 oz Strings- Balance-
Length534 mm / 21 in Flexibility/Stiffness-

Professionele Babolat spelers kunnen spelen met een aangepast of een ander model dan het afgebeelde materiaal.